The Watchguard

In the not so distant future the world is in turmoil. Man made environmental changes have created famine and drought in many parts of the world. Disease runs rampant as newer and more virulent strains of viruses and plagues break out in undeveloped and overdeveloped countries alike. The major first world governments are experiencing economic deterioration while less developed countries are experiencing flat out economic collapse. Oil has become scarce and new sources of energy have either not been found or have been stifled by the world’s oil conglomerates. Small scale wars and insurgencies are constantly erupting around the world. Religious fervor and fundamentalism are at an all time high.

The rich and middle class living in the first world countries still live in relative luxury compared to the rest of the world, but their standard of living has slowly been declining and they sense that their way of life is slowly eroding around them. The poor in the first world are living in conditions barely above those of their third world cousins. On some level, the affluent 1% understand that they are living off of the poverty and suffering of the bottom 99% and though their bellies are full, their souls are empty. Discontent and malaise have spawned countless youth culture rebellions in the first world countries, not to mention extremist political splinter groups as well as an increase in religious fundamentalism. Terrorist attacks launched by less affluent countries have plagued the first world nation with increasing frequency and in response those governments have incrementally been decreasing freedom to increase security.

Supers are a fact of life even if their numbers are low. Low powered super humans are uncommon and high powered supers humans are even more so. There is no official census but informed sources guess that there may be only a few thousand low powered and less than a hundred high powered super humans. These supers come in all shapes and sizes and from all sorts of backgrounds. Some are believed to be genetic mutations, others have some association with the occult, others gain their powers from technology while it is speculated that others still are actually of alien origin. Many of these supers work alone, while many others have affiliated themselves with governments, religions, factions and in some cases, corporations.

You are a member of the WatchGuard, a group of some of the highest powered super heroes on Earth who have banded together to keep this desperate world from plunging into chaos and madness. Together, you wield power equivalent to or greater than most nations. You use this power wisely and judiciously to help keep the planet in balance, attempting to be fair arbiters in the power struggles of the planet. You intervene directly in the world’s affairs when required to stop a menace or to ensure that the balance of power does not tip too far in any direction.

You keep watch on the world from a sentient spaceship orbiting the earth. You and your fellow Watchguard were selected by a super genius named Dr. Magnusson shortly before he disappeared off the face of the Earth. He introduced you to the ship, your fellow team mates and a bank account the size of the GDP of a small nation and then was never heard from again. The spaceship is able to teleport you anywhere on the surface of the Earth and has a wealth of powers and abilities you and your team have not even uncovered yet.


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