Waxford SuperMax

The Waxford Super Maximum Security Prison is the largest super villain prison on the planet. It holds hundreds of the world’s most powerful and vile criminals. Owned and run by a private corporation for the US Government, it has been in operation for 30 years. The prison is built directly into a mountain. Ten levels deep, the only entry is at the top, at the end of a long and windy mountain road.

The defense systems are unparalleled. A force field surrounds the entire structure. The most powerful villains are kept in stasis, the rest are locked within indestructible cells. The facility gets power from a nearby power station and has it’s own backup generators capable of running it entirely off the grid for months. The guards are highly trained and issued with state of the art power armor.

The prison uses a classification scheme to rate their prisons.
Alpha: Low powered or “street level” criminals.
Beta: Medium powered supers.
Gamma: Very high powered supers. Most require their own custom containment systems
Omega: World threatening power levels. Kept constantly under stasis


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