The Freedom League


During the early years of the 21st century a silent arms race began between the major super powers of the world. Rich nations poured trillions of dollars into experimental research programs whose goal was to manufacture “test tube supers”, super heroes developed in a lab through man-made methods. All of this research was done under the utmost of secrecy and remained mostly hidden from the public eye. Rumors circulated however, and a few experiments that went horribly awry served to fuel them. Eventually, a full UN investigation was called for, at which point the research dollars silently evaporated and the projects that never were ceased to exist.

It was around this time that the Freedom League was formed, although they and the US government deny that there was any link to the cessation of research and the formation of the team. Conspiracy theorists claim that the team was the final effort of the US research efforts, produced to ensure that the US was not without a super team to defend them. Coincidentally, a similar team was formed in Russia, China, the European Union and New Germany around the same time.

The leader of the Freedom League goes by the codename Colonel Freedom. The Colonel is apparently ageless, having served in every US war since WWII. The rumour is that it was during WWII that he gained his powers, while defeating the Nazi Übermensch super soldier program. Since the mystic Berlin Wall went up (shrouding New Germany in secrecy and ending the war), almost ¼ of America’s hefty military spending has been on enhancing The Colonel with super powers, exotic weapons and hyper-advanced devices.

The Colonel is a massive man with super-exaggerated musculature. He stands at only 5’ 10" but seems almost as wide and thick as he is tall. He wears the traditional uniform of the Freedom League which is a combat gear themed uniform, with red, white and blue colored camouflage.


The Freedom League

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