Thaddius Magnusson


Thaddius Magnusson first made his name as a young college student at Oxford by publishing a research paper that re-wrote Newtonian physics in such a way as to account for the observed gravitational effects of large bodies of matter without resorting to theoretical dark matter. The work caused a major revolution in the physics world and was widely regarded as the most significant advancement in science in the past hundred years. Thaddius wrote the paper as a freshman after his first semester of Physics.

Thaddius soon became the most highly lauded and influential scientist of the modern area. He had super human intelligence the like of which had never been seen before. He hopped from field to field causing quantum leaps forward in every discipline he engaged himself in.

After 5 short but amazingly impactful years in the academic world, Doctor Magnusson was contacted by the American Government. They asked him to become their chief technical lead for a number of top secret initiatives. Publicly, he would be the President’s Chief of Science and was tasked with running the Government’s science projects. This included such things as the space program and its nascent terraforming projects, the governments cyber technology efforts and even their more controversial studies into the arcane mysteries. The administration at the time was lead by President Wellington, a remarkably charismatic and influential president. President Wellington had become a people’s hero of a president by rooting out corruption from the top to the bottom in Washington, and by investing in public health and wellness programs. Wellington convinced Magnusson to help him build a better tomorrow for Americans and the world over and for slightly under a year Magnusson thrived in the positive atmosphere that Wellington had created.

That all changed when Wellington was publicly and brutally assassinated one horrific November morning. Vice President Morris became President and started off where the previous administration had left off, bringing all manner of vice and corruption back in to Washington.

Magnusson’s research had been taking him in surprising directions. There were rumors that he had contacted an ancient alien race, that he had found a way to move through time, that he had found portals to hell and to heaven. Of course, nothing was ever confirmed, but what was clear was that the moment Wellington was assassinated Magnusson and a small cadre of his staff managed to remove all traces of themselves and their research from the government labs in which they had been working.

Morris declared Magnusson an enemy of the state and enlisted the help of the other first world nations to locate him and “bring him to justice”. Magnusson proved impossible to find. Rumours circulated that he had been killed, that he had taken his own life, that he had been abducted by aliens. None of the rumours were ever proved or disproved. For all intents and purposes, Magnusson just fell off the face of the Earth and was never heard from again.

That is, until the day he showed up in your living room. Magnusson suddenly appeared in your life 6 months ago looking much more older and wizened than you would have expected given the last photographs you had seen of him. He told you that during his research he had learned many wonderful and horrible things. Chief among them was a method for seeing possible futures and learning more about the factors that would enable them or prohibit them. Most of mankind’s futures were dismal, horrific or just short lived. The human race seemed to have countless ways of destroying itself, living in abject misery and even reigning terror over the entire galaxy and even universe in some futures. Likewise, there were a small number of futures in which mankind was able to live in harmony with itself and it’s universal neighbors. And in a precious few, the human race was crucial in creating a paradise on earth and in the stars.

Magnusson and his research team had focused on technologies and arcane methods to allow them to divine what events could do the most to bring about the positive and glorious futures that were mankind’s potential. It was impossible for them to predict with any real precision what results given events would have, but they were able to get general ideas of the future effects of certain large scale changes in history.

Magnusson told you that this point in history was an absolutely crucial one for mankind. Never before had the mankind had so much potential to destroy themselves and the world around them and likewise never before had they had the potential to save themselves from destruction. Likewise, mankind’s technological progress was getting to the point that they would soon begin interacting meaningfully with their galactic neighbours. This mean the potential for creating powerful new alliances or building powerful new enemies. As mankind moved into the galactic arena they would begin to gain more attention from those races which had already moved inexorably down the path of evil, as well.

Magnusson and his researchers had worked hard over their past few years of seclusion to find out what they could do to help mankind through this difficult and highly critical juncture. Their research had lead them to believe that the formation of a super powered watch guard group would be the most impactful change that they could effect. This group would be chartered with keeping balance on Earth and protecting Earth from outside threats. After exhaustive research they had concluded that you, along with a few select others, if you worked together and diligently pursued this charter, could dramatically influence the future of mankind for the better. Their research proved conclusively that without this group mankind was doomed to succumb to either itself or an outside force.

Magnusson explained that he and his research team needed to remain largely hidden at this time. Because of what they knew it was far too dangerous for them to become actively involved in the events of the world as they unfolded. They had predicted that their involvement greatly increased the chance of a poor outcome for mankind. They had retired to a safe place and time far beyond the reach of mankind. Likewise, their seclusion was such that it made it very difficult for them to intervene so that they would not be tempted to do so if things went poorly.

Magnusson explained that he could not give any guidance on how to act, and that he would not be making contact with any of you except in the case of an extreme emergency. He told you to trust your heart and your instincts to help you decide what was right. Their research had shown you and your counterparts to be the best hope mankind had. Be true to yourself, was all he would say by way of advice. And so, the group known as the WatchGuard was formed.


Thaddius Magnusson

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