No one knows where EVE came from or why she arrived at Earth when she did. One moment EVE was not there, and the next she was. And at that moment, the Earth panicked.

EVE was large enough to be seen with low grade telescopes from Earth. Scientists measured small tidal disruptions in the Atlantic on the day she arrived in Earth’s orbit. In short, she is massive.

When this giant spaceship suddenly appeared above the Earth the world powers scrambled to be the first to react. Russia claimed that it was an advanced soviet military prototype and made vague threats until they realized no one was listening. The US sent an orbital attack ship to investigate only to have it mysteriously disabled as soon as it approached. German telecommunication officers and Neo Nazi mystics attempted countless means of communication with EVE, all resulting in total silence.

EVE just hovered there like a silent and ominous moon, blind to the terror she was causing on the planet’s surface. Two days later, Doctor Magnusson recruited you to the Watchguard.

When you accepted your mission from Doctor Magnusson he provided each of you with a small device worn behind your ear. This innocuous looking headset gives you access to the largest and most advanced piece of technology mankind has ever witnessed.

EVE is a sentient being. She has no knowledge of her existence before she appeared in Earth’s orbit. Her consciousness is obviously alien. Her computational powers are staggering but she remains incredibly naive. She can solve complex mathematical problems in minutes that would take super computing clusters years, but it took her a month of deep processing to understand sarcasm. And she still doesn’t really get it.

EVE can communicate with you through the headset, as well as providing you group commuications. She can also teleport you to her interior or to any point on the surface of the Earth so long as the headset is worn on your person.

EVE’s interiors can be shaped in any way you desire. She is made of some smart material that can reform itself at will. She can replicate any interior environment and provide any tool imaginable. She has many advanced capabilities that you are only slowly becoming aware of.



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