Doctor Roboto


During WWII Japanese government military research was led by Hideaki Nakamura. Stunning technical prototypes made their way onto the battlefield but never in great numbers. Hideaki’s vision was far ahead of its time and not ready for production line manufacturing.

After the Japanese surrender, Hideaki incorporated the Gijutsu Corporation and took his research private. With time, Hideaki’s technological dreams become more possible and Gijutsu eventually became hugely successful, supplying all of the military hardware to Japan and its later ally, the US.

Gijutsu became a household name when Hideaki piloted his Mark 1 giant robot to save Japan against the first mega monster spawned from the irradiated islands off the coast of Nagasaki. Thus began an arms race of sorts as Gijutsu upgraded their giant robots to defend Japan against a seemingly neverending lineup of enormous creatures storming the shores of Japan.

Hideaki was succeeded by his son Masumi shortly after the millenium. Masumi was equally as gifted as his father but his views were far more radical. Rather than building robots as suits, Masumi wanted to blur the line between man and machine and build cyborgs as part of transhuman post-biolodigical eveolution of mankind. He was eventually investigated for illegal experimentation on human subjects.

Masumi was unapologetic but stepped down as CEO of Gijutsu leaving his COO in charge, and settled in his compound on Awashimaura island. Rumors circulate about robot cults and human rights abuses on the island and Japanese authorities eventually raided the island only to be pushed back by giant robots and cyber samurai.

Inukai Tatsuo (the Man Mountain) led a second attack on Masumi’s compound which at first seemed to be equally unsuccessful. Three months passed, during which Masumi declares Awashimaura island sovereign territory and no government is willing to contest the claim. But the Man Mountain emerged victorious after his three month disappearance and brought Masumi Nakimura to justice.

He has been spending his days since then in Waxford Super Max prison.


Doctor Roboto

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